We believe a company can be successful only if it improves the lives of its employees and creates benefits for the community.

We want to improve the lives of those who need it most. That’s why we have created programs to fight malnutrition in vulnerable regions in Mexico.

We aim to improve our surroundings while providing the means for personal and professional growth.

We provide nutrition through our products. Our products are healthy, tasty and available in a wide variety of presentations. We like to make the lives of our customers easier by launching new products based on their feedback.

We are committed to our stakeholders Endevor and IGNIA and to a group of investors from Chiapas. We follow corporate and governmental best practices, and we operate through a formal board of directors. In addition, we have external advisers with long experience in business affairs to ensure transparency and efficiency in our corporate practices.

Procesa is the living image of its people; we are enterprising, innovative and happy. We are committed to listening to our employees and to promoting passion, energy and innovation.

This commitment is shown in the working conditions and the development opportunities at the company.