In 2004, young entrepreneurs Alejandro Chaljub and Mauricio Pariente decided to do something transcendental for their home state of Chiapas by creating jobs for its people. This desire led them to start Procesa, a business currently focused on seafood capture, commercialization and processing that, most of all, is dedicated to transforming lives.

We are committed, and we are passionate. At Procesa, we nurture people while changing an entire industry. That’s why we were the first company in Mexico to use pouch packaging. The pouch is a revolutionary technique that maintains the nutritional properties and flavor of tuna.

Since founding the company in 2004, we have been dedicated to processing tuna in our processing plant in Puerto Chiapas where we help the community by employing men and women from nearby areas. In 2010, we decided to broaden company production to include fish capture. We bought two fishing vessels with a capture capacity of 1500 tons each.

We capture tuna according to international regulations that promote sustainable fishing to guarantee its preservation. Thanks to the efforts of our founders and the dedication of our team, we keep on growing and searching for new ways to create more and better products.